Northumberland Junior Robotics Club

Supporting Youth STE(A)M in Northumberland, Ontario

STEM for Kids age 7 to 12

The Northumberland Junior Robotics Club, in partnership with UOIT and Cameco is open to girls and boys in Northumberland County (and the surrounding area), Ontario.

Our Robotics program teaches kids the fundamental logic for computer programming and software development.  

This robotics program uses curriculum based and progressive challenges that demystify coding and development, making it accessible for all children.  Each week the kids will teach their robots something new, building a story challenge by challenge.  We'll be using two types of robots, one for beginners and one for those kids who just can't be stopped!

Is your child interested in Gaming?  Space Exploration?  Computer Software?

The future of space exploration, industrial manufacturing and engineering is in programming and robotics.

STE(A)M WORK - There is a TEAM in STE(A)M

Kids will work together in teams of 2 or 3 to solve challenges using the robots, accessories and a tablet.  

Club Leaders are there only to introduce the challenge and provide guidance, the kids do all the work.  Kids are encouraged to be brave, be experimental and find their own solutions - there is not a single way to solve the challenges and we do not provide step-by-step instructions.  We are teaching kids to break down the challenges into logical steps they can program their robots to follow.  

Join us!

Club Leaders:  Matthew Roby & Mary Gillis

Matthew Roby

The CTO at Kijiji with 20 years under his belt as a professional developer.  His background includes web, app and software development.  Matt started coding before computers were in homes! (read, he feels old...)

Mary Gillis

Web Developer and Digital Marketing professional with 20 years under her scarf.  Mary's career in web dev and marketing started before Google (or even Yahoo) was a thing.  

As parents of a young boy, we look at the future as a world of endless possibilities for kids with an interest in technology.  We want to share our excitement with this amazing generation, the first who are growing up fully immersed in tech.  Where will they take it?  No Limits.

Volunteers Needed!

Volunteers Needed:  High School students with an interest and background in coding/robotics are welcome to volunteer to help support our Junior Robotics Teams.  We will sign off on volunteer hours donated.  Contact Us if you are interested!

Thank You to our Supporting Sponsors

Port Hope Robotics Club, in Partnership with UOIT

The University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT) is a supporter and partner of the Port Hope Robotics Club, helping encourage children in Northumberland County, Ontario to see STE(A)M as a meaningful and fun part of their future.

Cameco is an annual contributor and sponsor of our program, helping offset our equipment replacement and expansion costs.

Our thanks go out to the Cameco team for this ongoing support of kids, STEM and education in Port Hope, Cobourg and the surrounding area.